Boat Types

At Oquawka Boats, we custom make each and every boat to the user's exact needs. We do hand-craft several popular styles of work and recreation boats, and you can read about those below.

Dive Boats
Dive boat

We hand-craft custom dive boats with divers and diving in mind.

Our model 2584V Dive boat is 25 feet long, and 84 inches wide. It has 30 inch sides with push knees, a 10 foot fully insulated cabin with rear door and walk around.A Coleman roof air conditioner & heater. Tinted windows with sliders and screens. We can also build in a custom dive door. It is low to the water line for easy access to and from the boat. A side rail allows easy access to the boat, and a place for multiple divers to wait to return to the boat. When the boat is again underway, the door is replaced for a water tight seal and normal protection from wave and wake.

Can you picture yourself at the helm of a Custom made dive boat, or do you need diver friendly elements built into your boat? Because we custom make each of our boats, we can incorporate diver friendly access points and storage solutions into our boats.

Dive Boats
The images below detail some of the special features of our dive boats.
posted on: 2010-11-23

Work and Multi-Purpose Boats
Work and Multi-Purpose Boats

We can hand-craft boats to tackle the largest and heaviest jobs.

Our model 2484 Dual-Hull Landing Craft is twenty four feet long and seven feet wide. Twin 115HP Evinrude engines are fed from dual 50 gallon fuel tanks. It has an electric bow winch and is land transportable on its custom made tandem axle heavy duty trailer.

Our model 3000CP is 30 feet long and has custom made dual V pontoons. The engine mount is custom made and designed to slip through the water with minimum disturbance. We hand-craft the V design pontoon as well as an octagonal design pontoon.

Do you need a large craft that is built to last? We can fabricate a boat to fit your specific needs. Do you need a landing craft? A barge? Both? We can build it for you.

Work and Multi-Purpose Boats
Our large boats are built for a myriad of tasks, from hauling a Cat D-9 bulldozer safely from island to island in Wisconsin to hauling 5,000lb anchors for portable campsites in California.
posted on: 2010-11-23

Fire Boats
Fire Boat

Oquawka Fire boat, Model 2616, is a 26 feet long, 16 degree V hull fire fighting boat. It has a three sided cabin, six inch hard chimes and a 100 inch beam. It comes complete with rescue light bar, radar tower, marine radar system, portable search light and high pressure pump and fire nozzle.

The high pressure pump is driven by a separate 350HP motor, while twin 250HP Mercury outboards provide the power to get to the emergency quickly.

The cabin is well protected from the elements. It has three hard sides, and a removable covered rear. It has a propane powered heater for cold weather and ventilation for hot weather. The controls are hydraulic, and has separate controls for the pump motor. At the front of the cabin is a storage rack for the dive door, which keeps it handy, out of the way, and secure.

If you need top of the line fire and rescue equipment for any body of water, we can build one that will suit your needs.

Fire Boat Details
The Oquawka Fire Boat images below show the pressure nozzle in action, customized dive seats, dive door storage and the protected cabin.
posted on: 2010-11-24

Fishing Boats
Fishing Boat

Oquawka Boats manufactures commercial grade fishing boats; boats you can depend on for the big catch.

Because our boats are all custom built, we can make one that is perfectly suited to your needs. Large capacity, open deck for nets, custom davits, hoists or winches are no problem for our fabricators. Live wells that are fed from the body of water you are fishing, circulating live wells and airation are also options. Other options include bimini tops, locking cabinets and multiple rod holders.

Can you picture yourself at the helm of a custom made commercial grade fishing boat?

Fishing Boats
Oquawka Boats is the proud sponsor of the Cabellas King Kat Tournament Trail for 2012.
posted on: 2011-11-15

Hunting Boats
Hunting Boat

Oquawka Boats specializes in various boats for the avid hunter, including a hand painted design of your choice. Our standard deck is diamond tread plate.

We also offer removable duck blinds, with or without a ramp for your four legged hunting partner. Available paint schemes for the boat are OD green, hand painted camoflage, or Zolatone Jungle Camo. The blind may be painted green, but most hunters opt for a detachable covering.

Our blinds are built to the same exacting standards as everything else we build. All-weld construction using one inch square aluminum bracing, high quality welded on hinges. This then is covered with a thin aluminum sheeting that won't blow off, and offers superior protection from the elements. The blind can be easily removed when the season is over.

As with all our boats, quality is paramount. Our hunting boats are built with a double floor crafted from 3/16 inch solid marine alloy aluminum. Bottom ribs are set on twelve inch centers, side ribs are made of 1/8 inch thick tubing, cut and formed to exact precision. On our eight degree v-hull, three logitudinals run the full length of the boat, giving extra strength.

Will this season find you in a top of the line duck blind? Because we custom make our boats, we can add storage solutions for both hunting and fishing use, making our boats truly dual purpose. One boat can be both a high quality duck blind, and it can be a high quality fishing boat. We can incorporate gun racks and rod holders. Live wells and dog ramps. Center console, side mount, or engine mounted controls, we offer you the choice. Whatever you need in a boat, we can deliver.

The Best for Hunting
Our hunting boats are made to the same specifications as our commercial boats.
posted on: 2011-10-20

Government Projects

From the Federal to the Local, on time, on budget, and built to last. Let Oquawka Boats hand-craft your ultimate service boat.

No matter what your city, state, or local requirements are, we can tailor a boat to match your specific needs. Ultra low emission engines, engine guards, hand rails, specific lighting requirements, high visibilty, search lighting, police grade light bars, or special band communications gear, we handle it all.

Even if you do not need a massive boat, but you still desire quality construction and a boat that is built to last, we can supply one for you. Even our smallest boats are hand made, custom built, and contain the same quality materials and extra features of our larger models.

Recreational Boats
Recreational boat

An Oquawka Boats recreational boat is the ultimate weekender that can tackle any lake.

Like our commercial boats, our recreational boats are custom-made to your specifications.

We can even match the boat to your truck, not just color, but even in small details, such as ensuring your boat and truck fuels from the same side.

Can you picture your own custom-made recreational boat? We can help.

Recreational Boats
Oquawka Boats can custom build your recreational boat for every type of use wether it be pleasure boating on rivers or lakes.
posted on: 2011-11-11

Custom-Made Trailers
Boat Trailer

We build trailers with single, dual, triple or even quadruple axles perfectly matched to the boat. We offer a choice of electric or hydraulic surge brakes. Our trailers are built from high quality steel or aluminum. They are built soundly, with quality suspension linked to heavy duty axles. Our lights are recessed, sealed beam units that can be left on even when loading and unloading your new boat.

Wooden rails covered with carpet are just not durable enough to meet our standards of excellence. Our rails will not rot or mildew, offering years of worry free use. We use new plastic boards for our bunks and guides, created from recycled materials. They provide a very smooth surface that will not damage or scratch the bottom of the boat. Our boats glide on and off the trailer.

Our aluminum constructed trailers are standard build from 2 1/2" x 3/16" aluminum c-channel beams, equipped with Torflex EZ Lube axles. Our steel constructed trailers are fabricated from 4" x 2" x 1/8" steel rectangular tubing, also equipped with Toro Flex EZ Lube axles. Gavanized steel is also an option. Our trailers come standard with lights, winch, coupler, jack stand, poly board bottom and side bunks, primer and paint.

Wheel options are white spoke, aluminum, or galvanized rims, all available in 14" or 15" sizes. Optional trailer features include hydraulic or electric brakes, and a spare tire with bracket mount.

We can build your boat and steel trailer to match your truck, even to the point of ensuring that your boat and truck fuel on the same side, to get you to the water quicker and easier.

If you require the best, and expect the ultimate in a custom manufactured trailer, then Oquawka Boats will deliver one for you.

Hand-Crafted Boat Trailers
Our trailers are crafted to fit our boats like a glove, and build with the same over-engineering and attention to detail as our boats.
posted on: 2010-11-24

Rescue Boats
Rescue Boats

Oquawka Boat Model 2484V is a 24' long and has an 84" bottom with 36" deep sides, 20" tramsom, full motor well and reverse hard chines. A 6' x 6'-6" cabin that is insulated with fore and aft lockable doors, built in console, windows with sliders and screens, a 3000 BTU catalttic heater and LP tank. The seating consists of a helm chair, pedestal & glider, (1)-6" bench seat with storage, and (2)-36" bench seats with storage. Hydraulic steering, 50 gallon fuel tank, 1100GOH bilge pump and switch, dual trumpet horn, search light, push pads, motor guard and red & white emergency light bar.

Equipped with an Oquawka Trailer Model 2484OBV Aluminum tandem axle with hydraulic brakes, spare & mounting bracket.

Rescue Boats
Marshall County Rescue Boat
posted on: 2011-11-11

Electrofishing Boats
Electrofishing Boats
Minnesota Electrofishing Boat

Oquawka Boats has built Electrofishing boats for various State, Local and Government Agencies. We manufacture the booms and arrays at our plant.

Electrofishing Boats
Minnestoa Electrofishing Boat
posted on: 2011-11-15

Dive Boats
Dive Boat

We have been in business for 23 years at the Lake of the Ozarks! Raising over 400 boats, buildings and commercial equipment.
We have salvaged vehicles, boats, buildings, and heavy equipment for clients ranging
from the private individual, insurance companies and government agencies.
We receive requests for assistance from fire departements, Missouri Water Patrol, Missouri

Dive Boats
The images below detail some of the special features of our dive boats.
posted on: 2010-11-23

Electrofishing Boats
Electrofishing Boats
Alpena Michigan Electrofishing Pontoon

Oquawka Model 1476P Electrofishing Pontoon.

Electrofishing Boat
Alpena Michigan Electrofishing Boat
posted on: 2011-11-23

Survey Boats
Survey Boat
Illinois Natural History Survey

This Boat is used by the Illinois natural History Survey for the Biological Department.

Survey Boat
Illinois Natural History survey
posted on: 2012-12-05

The craftsmanship and quality of the boats and trailers is outstanding.

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